James Dean icons

Bonus icon of Little Dean:

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Photo by Gian Paolo Barbieri

Photo by Gian Paolo Barbieri

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Lea Seydoux for ASOS Magazine, 2012

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Evan Rachel Wood & Ellen Page

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Then & Now: Nikki Reed & Evan Rachel Wood

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Evan Rachel Wood and Shia LaBeouf

Evan Rachel Wood and Shia LaBeouf

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Léa Seydoux

Léa Seydoux

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Léa Seydoux

Sans Laisser De Traces (2010)

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Léa Seydoux

↳ I am about life. I surround myself with beautiful things. I work hard to have a better life. This job helps me achieve that through the people I meet. I’m lucky – not to have been a cover girl – but to have been able to meet all these people, to live these adventures and travel so comfortably. But despite that, it’s still difficult. Nothing comes easily. Everything I‘ve earned is down to me, and no one else

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